Which Presidential Candidate is Wall Street Rooting For?

Would you believe both? Wall Street cannot afford to get it wrong. Billions of dollars of revenue, profit, and executive bonuses are impacted by the actions of politicians. Wall Street wants a friend in the White House. And, it wants friends on committees that impact its business interests.

Don’t forget it is the politicians who let Wall Street executives defraud the American public and pay fines without admitting guilt. This travesty of justice keeps Wall Street executives out of jail and increasing sums of money flowing into the pockets of equally corrupt, greedy politicians.

Wall Street is one of the biggest special interest groups in the U.S. Its lobbyists send hundreds of millions of dollars per year to the politicians that influence or control regulations that impact Wall Street. And, at the top of the pyramid of power in Washington is a president who will owe favors to the special interests that got him or her elected.

Whether it is the $250,000 speaking fees for 40 minutes of her time or multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation, it is no big secret that Clinton has been bought by Wall Street firms and executives. Even foreign nationals, that did not have America’s best interests in mind, bought access to the candidate by donating to the Clinton Foundation when she was Secretary of State.

Money has corrupted the democratic process that is supposed to run America.

What about Trump? Wall Street is hedging its bets on Clinton by also sending large amounts of money to the Trump campaign. But, Wall Street is not sure how Trump will treat its companies and executives, if elected. At a minimum he is the ultimate wild card who wants to make America great again. At a minimum, defense contractors and law enforcement agencies should like him.

No matter who wins, Wall Street will have access to the president and the politicians who control the committees that impact Wall Street interests.

What about the American people you might ask? The forces arrayed against them are too powerful. Whether it is Washington, Wall Street, or both, they feel powerless to protect their interests.

And, don’t forget generally accepted apathy. The reality is the public is so dis-empowered they have given up and accept whatever crumbs are fed to them by Washington, Wall Street, and the other special interest groups. They have grown numb to headlines that document one scandal after another. And, nothing is going to change as long as the special interest groups can buy the votes of corrupt politicians.

Will the American public pay the price for this apathy? Maybe not you, but your children and grandchildren will when a rapidly rising $20 trillion national debt can no longer be passed on to future generations.

Do we have two quality candidates running for president? Absolutely not. We have a corrupt lawyer who wants to be queen. And, we have a wild card who wants the most powerful position in the world.

Does it matter that both are bought and paid for by Wall Street interests? Probably not. Greed and corruption is increasingly accepted by the general public. Our biggest risk? We become a third world country.

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