The Top 10 Free Investment Information Websites – Part 2

Today we continue with the second half of our list of The Top 10 Free Investment Information Websites, and I hope there are some welcome surprises for you!  Here’s the link to Part 1, if you missed it.

  1. Morningstar:

While Morningstar has both a free and a premium membership level, the free information on their website has real value. Access to financial data will help you learn about the companies you’re targeting, guiding you toward the best investment choices. I especially liked the Morningstar Portfolio Manager which allows investors to connect their portfolio to Morningstar’s basic research. They also have an extensive archive of articles that may contain significant nuggets that expand your working knowledge.

  1. The Motley Fool:

The good thing about the Fool is that this information and advice is presented more for the individual investor, and isn’t parroting information for Wall Street. The kind of information you’ll get here may be contrary to what you’re hearing in other news sites, and it’s always good to have a conflicting opinion that’s a bit contrarian. The Fool also provides a free online investing community called CAPS with over 180,000 members who interact with each other on picking stocks and comparing performances. The Fool’s purpose is to “educate, amuse, and enrich”.

  1. News: Four Top Sites for Current Financial News:

I realize this is a 4-in-1 listing, but each of these financial news sites offers high-quality information. The Wall Street Journal has some excellent writers with contacts that pierce the superficial news layer. Its Market Data Center is comprehensive and a valuable resource for individual company earnings. The Financial Times is based in the United Kingdom and is world-renowned for its integrity and independence. Bloomberg is another popular and well-regarded financial news company, probably one with which you’re already familiar. MarketWatch offers news and commentary, and their site offers good research and a number of tools you can use for conducting stock market analysis.

  1. Renaissance Capital IPO Center:

If you’re an investor who’s interested in catching an IPO, this site is for you. There’s commentary about IPOs being introduced to the market, calendar information on the date of the initial offering, prices, IPO stats, and IPO underwriters. This site provides a lot of information you need to know if you’re interested in capturing the starting point of a fast-growing company. This is the best site I’ve found for IPO information.

  1. StockCharts:

StockCharts is an excellent source for, obviously, stock charts. A great variety of chart types are available such as seasonality, multiple time frames, relative rotation graphs, dynamic yield curves, candlesticks, and more. If you use charts, and who doesn’t, this is a great site for you. Conducting a technical analysis suddenly becomes much easier, and this site was rated by Technical Analysis & Stock Commodities magazine as the best technical analysis website. Period!

  1. Yahoo! Finance:

I know this is #11 on a list of The Top 10, so just regard this as a bonus. My list of The Top 10 has to include Yahoo! Finance because it’s one of the best sources for a wide variety of information on any publicly traded company. You can enter a stock ticker into the search box and receive information including analyst estimates for the current and future quarters, key statistics, financial statements, SEC filings, recent headlines featuring the company, competitors, income statements, balance sheets, etc. This could become your one-stop shop.

Good Fortune to You!

I hope this list of “The Top 10 (+1)” contained a few welcome surprises to make your investment decisions easier and more lucrative. If you know a good investment website not on this list, please comment and tell others about the site and why it’s compelling. Wishing you the best of good fortune!

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