New Paladin Service Exposes Financial Advisors Who Use Fake Credentials!

Fake Advisor CredentialsPaladin Research & Registry announced the launch of a new service that provides a one page research report and a peer group quality rating for more than 250 financial advisor certifications and designations. Paladin found more than 50 fake or discontinued credentials that are currently being used by advisors who deceive investors into believing they are financial experts. The reality is these advisors should be kicked out of the financial service industry. Unfortunately, there is no industry regulation that prevents this deceptive sales practice.

This is why Paladin Research’s service is so important. The service is free and there are no registration requirements. It only takes a minute to go to the Paladin website and click on Check a Financial Credential. Input the initials of the certification that is being used by the advisor. In a matter of seconds you are reading a one page analysis that documents the certification’s prerequisites, curriculum, testing, and continuing education requirements. The report also has a peer group quality rating so it is easy to compare the credentials of multiple advisors. Do not select financial advisors who have alphabet soup after their names without checking the quality of their credentials. It’s free, fast, and easy to use.  It will help you avoid bad advisors who sell bad products that undermine the achievement of your financial goals.  It’s your money, after all!


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