Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss is the founder of Apprise Wealth Management. He started his financial services career in 1987, working as a tax professional for Deloitte & Touche. Since then, he has worked extensively in the areas of personal finance and investment management. Phil is both a CFA charterholder and a CPA. In addition, he has served as a featured media spokesperson and has written weekly commentary on market-related topics. His investment approach favors the long term, as well as assessing the value and fundamentals of the assets in which he invests. He launched his own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) business so he could provide financial planning, personal finance and investment management services and education to those looking for assistance. He believes it is a privilege to help others plan for their financial future. Phil grew up in Livingston, New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University with a BS degree in Accounting. He also attended Duke University for three years where he was a Psychology major. He and his wife, Diana, live in Maryland and are proud parents of four children. Phil enjoys following his favorite sports teams, reading and spending time with his family at home, on the fields and when traveling. Phil continues to coach many of the youth sports teams that his children play for.

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