Paul Sippil

Paul Sippil is a certified public accountant and registered investment advisor. Paul began his career as an auditor in public accounting. He became an independent financial advisor in 2003, initially focusing on providing comprehensive financial planning solutions for business owners in the estate, business, investment, and insurance planning areas. In his meetings and conversations with clients and prospects, however, he began to notice a significant disconnect between the knowledge they possessed about their group retirement plans and the knowledge the service providers possessed. Most of them believed that their plan was free and that everything was taken care of because it had been “reviewed by their advisors”. Paul knew their assertion was made out of a lack of sufficient knowledge because he saw the difficulty in evaluating the quality and costs of these “bundled” plans, where all plan expenses were combined into a single source and not listed separately. He concluded that the participants were not actually choosing this path for themselves, but instead were being falsely led down a path that only stood to profit the retirement plan providers. Paul decided to provide a service to plan sponsors and participants that empowers them to make better retirement planning decisions.

Retirement Plans and Employment – The Separation

In my previous article, Why Retirement Plans Need to be Separated from Employment,  I suggested that Congress increase the IRA contribution limits to the same level...

Why Retirement Plans Need to be Separated from Employment

In light of the Hobby Lobby decision and the discussion of employer benefits, it seems appropriate to address the merits of employer provided retirement plans. ...

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