Betsy Vallone

Betsy Vallone

Betsy’s passion, commitment, integrity, and determination in helping people succeed are just a few of the qualities that set her apart from other advisors. She has been in the financial services industry for nine years, and believes in constantly working to achieve a higher standard of excellence through education. She has successfully completed the education requirement to become a Certified Financial Planner per her course study with Bentley University’s Masters in Financial Planning program. She is currently a CFP candidate and plans to sit for the exam within the next year. Betsy worked for two major financial institutions during her career in financial services, Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF. During this time she acquired a wealth of experience not only in financial planning, but in understanding the needs and goals of various different types of clients. Among those clients were high net worth individuals, small business owners, administrators, faculty, and staff at Ivy League colleges, hospitals and top tier medical institutions in New England, and even other financial advisors. She believes the process of creating a financial plan involves team work between the financial planner and the client. Engaging the client and asking for regular feedback is an integral part of that process, and her relationships, to ensure she’s incorporating all relevant and necessary information to represent each client’s needs and goals.

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