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Will Election 2016 Affect the Stock Market?

With Election Day almost (finally!) here, the most common worry I hear from many of my clients is, “How will the presidential election affect the […]

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Which Presidential Candidate is Wall Street Rooting For?

Would you believe both? Wall Street cannot afford to get it wrong. Billions of dollars of revenue, profit, and executive bonuses are impacted by the […]

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Why is Wall Street Fighting Fiduciary Standards for Sales Reps?

Wall Street firms employ or license hundreds of thousands of sales representatives.  Wall Street does not want these reps locked out of the retirement asset […]

How to Know if Your Financial Advisor is a Real Investment Expert

What does it mean if your current advisor is not a real investment expert? It means your advisor mislead you. What should you do the next […]

Weighing In- Politicians Protect Wall Street Executives

It is a travesty of justice that Wall Street executives can rip-off consumers for billions of dollars each year with no accountability for the damage […]