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Did You Miss The Stock Market’s “Trump Bump”?

Okay, admit it.  Whether you’re an ardent supporter or never-Trumper, weren’t you a little nervous Donald Trump’s victory would cause the markets to crash?  My […]

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Are New Stock Market Highs a Concern?

With many stock indexes such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 hitting new market highs, some investors may be nervous that […]

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Will Election 2016 Affect the Stock Market?

With Election Day almost (finally!) here, the most common worry I hear from many of my clients is, “How will the presidential election affect the […]

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Bonds that Go Boom

Let’s talk about bonds!  You scarcely hear or read much about bonds.  The stock market, especially in recent days with the Brexit, grabs the headlines […]

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Market Volatility Is Nothing New

I’m tasked with writing financial articles for many internet sites and even a few publications.

I find this responsibility very taxing. Not because I find the […]

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Investment Returns Revisited– Part I

Looking back at 2015, which was a flat year for most major asset classes, it is reasonable for investors to ask “What is a reasonable rate […]