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When Should You Begin Receiving Social Security Benefits?

Did you know that nine out of ten people age 65 and older are receiving Social Security benefits?  Also, social security benefits represent about 39% […]

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What the HECM (pronounced heck-em) is a HECM?

12 Ways to Help Improve Your Retirement Results!
A HECM is a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage.  As a line of credit, it can’t be cancelled, unlike […]

6 Personal Finance Tips for Women

My mom was widowed at age 48. I have 3 sisters. I know how difficult it can be to be a financially independent woman. I’m passionate about helping […]

New Social Security Rules Throw Baby Boomers a Curve Ball!

UPDATE ON SOCIAL SECURITY!  Here is a Summary of some of the new Social Security rules!  For many going forward this will kill the double […]

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Your Social Security Benefits May Be Changing Dramatically!

As they said in the movie Jurassic Park as they went on the first dinosaur ride “hold on to your butts!”

As part of the new […]

Watch Out – Your Medicare Premiums May Soar!

We’ve all heard that healthcare costs in retirement are high. We’ve also heard that part of our retirement planning should be to understand these potential […]