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Why Robo Advisors Are Not Cutting Edge

I’m an obsessive trend-tracker and it came as no surprise when friends and colleagues started forwarding an article from Bloomberg about the rise of the […]

Automated Investment Tools – Are They Landing in Your Back Yard?

Automated investment tools, or Robo-advisors as they are commonly known, are not aliens or robots landing in your back yard. You can’t even have a […]

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5 Critical Differences between Financial Advisors and Robo Advisors – Infographic

Your assets are going to be invested in the global securities markets. The question is how do the assets get from where they are now […]

5 Reasons Why Investors should use ETFs

Most ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are index funds that trade as securities. The S&P 500 is an index that measures the performance of 500 large […]

Robo Advisor and Online Financial Advisor – Is There a Difference?

A Robo Advisor and Online Financial Advisor (OFA) are the same type of service provider. They both provide online investment advisory services. You do not […]