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What is a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?

Perhaps you have read about a new Department of Labor regulation that mandates anyone who provides financial advice and services for retirement assets must be […]

Why Women are Excellent Investors!

Women are different than men.  As a Certified Financial Planner® this holds true in the investment world.  Women are faced with unique challenges as they […]

Boomers Are Disrupting Another Market

Most year to date bond fund returns have been positive. Morningstar reports that broad market bond funds returned about 2% while long term US government […]

Who Are the Real Financial Fiduciaries?

The DOL just published a new regulation that turns stockbrokers into financial fiduciaries when they provide financial advice and services to qualified retirement plans (401k) […]

Why is Wall Street Fighting Fiduciary Standards for Sales Reps?

Wall Street firms employ or license hundreds of thousands of sales representatives.  Wall Street does not want these reps locked out of the retirement asset […]

Why it May be Advantageous to Diversify Retirement Savings

Although income may be lower than it was during working years, retirees may be surprised when their tax bracket is unchanged or even higher during […]