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I’m Ready to Invest, Now What?

In February, 2015 I wrote Am I Ready To Invest? explaining how people think they are doing right by saving and investing for their retirement, […]

Deferred Compensation May be Protected by ERISA

Brokers should be aware of the implications of a recent court decision and take note that they may be entitled to the money in their […]

5 Financial Planning Challenges Impacting Retirement – Updated Oct 2014

5 Financial Planning  challenges impacting your retirement years is a must read for Americans who are accumulating assets for their future use. In fact, these […]

The 401k Retirement Challenge

When the tax code was changed years ago to include the 401k, companies moved away from offering of pensions, hence letting individuals manage their own […]

Pensions, an Endangered Species

Politicians lie. A statement we all learn to be true before we reach voting age. Yet most Americans still believe politicians when they promise us […]

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Are 401k and 404c Plans Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

There has been increased talk about automatic enrollment of employees in company 401k and 404c plans and increasing required distributions to such plans. However, there […]