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Will Closed End Exchange Traded Funds Completely Replace Open Ended Funds?

Most of you know that there is currently over $16 trillion worth of assets in the open end mutual fund industry with only about $2 […]

How Charitable Giving can be a Powerful Estate Planning Vehicle

Approximately 70% of Americans make charitable contributions during the year.  Most of the contributions are done in the month of December.  Often the contributions are […]

Want a Higher Return Pick a Cheaper Mutual Fund

When choosing mutual funds for our portfolio too often we get caught up in the returns of the fund while not asking ourselves the most […]

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Liquid Alternative Mutual Funds – Something for Everyone

As we begin the second half of 2014, it would be wise to heed the words of Ben Graham – the mentor to Warren Buffett. […]

Avoiding Costly ‘Closet’ Index Funds

Stockbrokers and other financial advisors are quick to promote expensive, actively managed mutual funds and the alleged benefits that such funds can provide over less […]

Dirty Little Secrets – Games Brokers and Financial Advisors Play

There is a popular saying that “knowledge is power.” Nowhere is that truer than in the world of investing. Knowledge allows an investor to be proactive and prevent unnecessary financial loss.

In my experience as a securities compliance director and a securities and wealth preservation attorney. I have seen a lot of “trickeration” strategies used by the financial services industry. In most cases, the “trickeration” strategies are employed to provide more compensation to the financial advisor at the investor’s expense. […]