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Take Action – Tax & Investment To-Dos Before Year End

The end of the year is full of holiday cheer and the excitement of a fresh start, but don’t look forward too quickly. There are […]

How Does Financial Advisor Compensation Impact You? – Infographic

You have seen the headlines. Financial service firms have paid billions of dollars of fines for cheating investors. So, how does this impact you? More […]

Paladin’s Registry of Financial Advisors is a Free Service for Investors

The world’s first financial advisor directory was the Yellow Pages®. All you had to do was thumb through the pages until you found the listings […]

Should Your Tax Expert Also Be Your Financial Planner? – upd Jan’15

Taxes can have a major impact on your financial planning and investment strategies. Consequently, your CPA® is a source of valuable information for minimizing your […]

Are Financial Planners also Financial Advisors? – updated Nov 2014

Financial planners provide various types of planning services (personal, college, retirement, estate, charitable). The combination of services varies by financial planner expertise.

Financial advisors are focused […]

I Need a Financial Planner Who Puts My Interests First – Updated Oct’14

What does it mean to say “a financial planner who puts my interests first?” What are your interests? What are the financial planner’s interests? How […]