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What If Financial Planning Is Really About Uncertainty?

If you drop by almost any brokerage firm or bank these days, you can walk out 45 minutes later with a “financial plan” that viola, […]

Investment Returns Revisited – Part II

Is 6% a good return on your investment? In Part I of the our blog, we discussed the likelihood that investment returns may be below […]

“Lower Investment Returns Ahead!” – (False Alarm?)

If you follow headlines in the financial press or read the blogs of various online “authorities,” you have no doubt bumped into many predictions that […]

Stock Markets Rocky Start to 2016

The stock markets are off to a rocky start in 2016 and the question that seems to be asked most is “Is it different this […]

Know the Truth About Your Investment Return

It’s an easy trap. You see a good investment and do your research. The company has strong fundamentals, the performance history is solid, the leadership […]

Financial Planner, Investment Guru or Wealth Manager?

Recently I received an email from someone who indicated that they wanted wealth management services for their family. I found it interesting that they also […]