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Should I Trust a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?

Everyone claims to be a financial advisor who is also a trustworthy financial expert. They make these claims to win your trust and gain control […]

Financial Planners May Be Scam Artists – Upd Oct’14

There are hundreds of thousands of advisors, sales representatives, and insurance agents who claim to be financial planners. Planning by legitimate planners is one of […]

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Financial Planner – Updt Oct ’14

Are there fake financial planners? You bet there are and they are extremely dangerous. Fake financial planners provide bogus financial plans that are designed to […]

Is Your Financial Planner an Insurance Agent? updated Oct’14

It used to be 70% of all financial planners were insurance agents who call themselves planners to facilitate the sale of life insurance and annuity […]

Who are the Real Independent Financial Advisors?

There is a lot of press touting the benefits of selecting Independent Financial Advisors, but rarely does the media define the characteristics of these professionals. […]

How Investors Find Financial Advisors

Finding financial advisors can be easy.  Finding a top quality financial advisor is much more difficult. 39.5% of investors find financial advisors through referrals.  Their […]