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What is a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?

Perhaps you have read about a new Department of Labor regulation that mandates anyone who provides financial advice and services for retirement assets must be […]

Why is Wall Street Fighting Fiduciary Standards for Sales Reps?

Wall Street firms employ or license hundreds of thousands of sales representatives.  Wall Street does not want these reps locked out of the retirement asset […]

Five Tips For Selecting A 5 Star Financial Advisor

You want a financial expert you can trust to help you invest your retirement assets. Every financial advisor you talk to claims to be a […]

What is a Financial Advisor? Are they Real?

One would think that the question of What is a Financial Advisor would be easy to answer.  Unfortunately, it is one of the most abused […]

Why do Stock Brokers Lie to Investors?

Stock brokers have licenses that limit them to selling investment products such as mutual funds and securities. The licenses do not permit them to provide […]

Why Select a Hometown Financial Advisor?

Investors continue to turn their assets over to financial advisors who work for major Wall Street firms because the financial advisors told them the firms’ […]