Bonds that Go Boom

Let’s talk about bonds!  You scarcely hear or read much about bonds.  The stock market, especially in recent days with the Brexit, grabs the headlines […]

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Gold is Touted as a Hedge Against Inflation… har har har!

I’ll tell you what frosts me. A former head of the mint on TV telling unsuspecting victims that gold doesn’t have volatility like the stock […]

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Investment Returns Revisited – Part II

Is 6% a good return on your investment? In Part I of the our blog, we discussed the likelihood that investment returns may be below […]

“Lower Investment Returns Ahead!” – (False Alarm?)

If you follow headlines in the financial press or read the blogs of various online “authorities,” you have no doubt bumped into many predictions that […]

Inflation is a Possible Consequence of QE – How High is Up?

The jury is out on the ultimate consequences of the financial crisis and Quantitative Easing (QE). Some see deflation, while others see inflation. Who is […]

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Interest Rates are what Interest Investors

From the moment the Fed began their Quantitative Easing policy till today investors have asked me the same question.

“When are interest rates going to rise […]

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