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Why Robo Advisors Are Not Cutting Edge

I’m an obsessive trend-tracker and it came as no surprise when friends and colleagues started forwarding an article from Bloomberg about the rise of the […]

What is a Realistic Investment Performance Benchmark? upd April 2015

You make your financial advisor accountable for beating the stock market. You make the S&P 500 index fund your proxy for the performance of the […]

10 Financial Resolutions for 2015

According to a recent article in the Journal of Psychology, almost half of all Americans make a New Year’s Resolution.   What do most of us want to do […]

Want a Higher Return Pick a Cheaper Mutual Fund

When choosing mutual funds for our portfolio too often we get caught up in the returns of the fund while not asking ourselves the most […]

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Is the Personal Financial Advisor a Dinosaur?

Venture capitalists are betting hundreds of millions of dollars on firms that deliver web-based investment services. They are betting these firms will change the way […]

Avoiding Costly ‘Closet’ Index Funds

Stockbrokers and other financial advisors are quick to promote expensive, actively managed mutual funds and the alleged benefits that such funds can provide over less […]