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Did Your Financial Advisor Meet Expectations in 2016?

What you should be asking yourself—and your advisor—while evaluating your portfolio’s 2016 performance. 

The end of 2016 brought a mixed bag for the markets. The Dow […]

“Doing It Yourself” with the Aid of a Broker is a Dead Model

Is it time to totally re-think and transform the entire idea behind brokers as a source of financial help for a bewildered public? Do all […]

The Crazy World of Financial Advisor Acronyms

Last night, my son Marcus asked me what I did for work. “Are you a CPA or something…?” As if he knew what that meant.  […]

How Does Financial Advisor Compensation Impact You? – Infographic

You have seen the headlines. Financial service firms have paid billions of dollars of fines for cheating investors. So, how does this impact you? More […]

Deferred Compensation May be Protected by ERISA

Brokers should be aware of the implications of a recent court decision and take note that they may be entitled to the money in their […]

Transparency Ratings for Online Financial Advisors (Robos)

Wall Street prefers traditional financial advisors that meet with you face-to-face. This method of contact maximizes the impact of advisor sales and relationship skills.  What […]