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Fear and Loathing of the Stock Market

Unfortunately for most people when it comes to the stock market, they can’t live with it and can’t live without it.  With interest rates so […]

Investment Implications of a Financial Crisis

It seems wherever we turn, all we hear and see in the financial press is what happening in Europe, and in particular, Greece. We would […]

Inflation is a Possible Consequence of QE – How High is Up?

The jury is out on the ultimate consequences of the financial crisis and Quantitative Easing (QE). Some see deflation, while others see inflation. Who is […]

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Our Global Economy is Essentially a “House of Cards”

For years now we have seen much published conjecture regarding the Fed and when it will raise rates.  There are certain economic factors the Fed […]

Interest Rates are what Interest Investors

From the moment the Fed began their Quantitative Easing policy till today investors have asked me the same question.

“When are interest rates going to rise […]

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A Disconnect Between Our Economy, Corporate Earnings, the Stock Market?

It is hard to remember another time when there were so many different opinions regarding the future direction of the stock market.  The “bulls” often […]

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