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Why College Students Should Have a Health Care Proxy

Preparing for college is an emotional roller coaster for both parents and students alike. As a parent, you tend to concentrate on applying for financial […]

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Are Your Investment Assets in the Right Location?

The old saying “It isn’t what you make, it is what you keep” is at the core of building an effective wealth management plan to […]

We Have to Talk about Medical Advance Directives

Could you imagine your ex-spouse making end-of-life decisions for you?! Just in case you don’t have an ex-wife, let me say it another way: If […]

How Charitable Giving can be a Powerful Estate Planning Vehicle

Approximately 70% of Americans make charitable contributions during the year.  Most of the contributions are done in the month of December.  Often the contributions are […]

Avoiding Probate Isn’t Hard or Necessary

Articles about estate planning tend to put a great deal of focus on avoiding setting up your assets in such a way that your beneficiaries […]

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Are All Certified Financial Planners ™ (CFPs®) Created Equal?

Absolutely not! The designation means the Certified Financial Planner™ completed some coursework and passed an examination. It does not mean the planner is an expert on the multiple disciplines that make-up the planning profession.

On the other hand, selecting a planner who holds the CFP® designation goes a long way toward reducing your risk of selecting a fake financial planner. In general, fakes are sales representatives who claim to be planners to reduce sales resistance and sell investment and insurance products.

If your predisposition is to select a CFP® as your planner you should have some basic knowledge about what it means to hold this designation.   […]