Bitcoins: The Current Currency

Digital currencies, like bitcoin, have become popular as an alternative to cash or more traditional lines of credit. Crypto-currencies can be traded in online exchanges […]

Bitcoins and Internet Criminality

Bitcoin, with a capital ‘B’, refers to the technology and computer networks by which some people elect to pay each other for goods and services […]

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The Bitcoin Fantasy

The electronic currency, known as Bitcoin, is all the rage. It is an alternative to money that is tied to a political system. It is gaining acceptance by all types of buyers and sellers. It is also extremely volatile. The current balance of all Bitcoins is about $1 billion. This compares to the $1.2 trillion of U.S. dollars that are in circulation. This lack of liquidity produces some extraordinary price volatility: $230 in April of this year, less than $70 in July, and then it soared to $1,230 in the fourth quarter before dropping back to about $1,000. […]

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