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Investment Returns Revisited– Part I

Looking back at 2015, which was a flat year for most major asset classes, it is reasonable for investors to ask “What is a reasonable rate […]

Stocks Are the Only Investment Above Water in the First Half of 2015

Doing nothing is hard to do – you never know when you are finished. Leslie Nielsen


If you’ve been hanging in there with your stock investments, […]

Enter the Cyborg Advisor

The next evolution of investment consulting is upon us. With robo advisors grabbing headlines and wads of venture capital it won’t take long for them […]

Considering Alternative Asset Classes?

Over the past 5 to 10 years ‘alternative investments’ have been gaining more traction in investor’s portfolios. The main reason for holding these ‘alternative’ asset […]

The Track Record of a Financial Advisor: Is it Real? Is it Fake?

When investors select a financial advisor, one of their most frequent questions is, “What performance can I expect if I select you?” Very few financial […]