The Best (Safe) Investment You’ll Ever Make – Paying Down Your Mortgage

Are you looking for peace of mind, and significantly improved monthly cash flow?  This could be a great time to pay down or pay off […]

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The Hillary Clinton View of Life Insurance and Annuities

Hillary Clinton is embroiled in controversies over using her own email service. It would benefit the voting public if we could see what really happened. […]

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Annuities Advantages and Annuities Disadvantages


Annuities are a great investment vehicle for retirement for those who want to save extra above & beyond the limits of IRAs and 401ks/403bs, and […]

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Understanding Your Pension Options

When you are ready to start receiving your pension benefits, which can often be as early as age 55, there are typically 5 payment options […]

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What is a Full Service Stock Broker?

If you have determined you need or want someone to assist you with investing, then choosing the type of brokerage relationship that makes the most sense for you is your next consideration. […]

Advantages of a Traditional IRA – Disadvantages of a Traditional IRA

Traditional IRAs are a great investment vehicle for retirement for those who qualify to contribute to them (there are some limitations), and they have some […]