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Why Are Federal Long Term Care Insurance Premiums Rising?

Last week we met with a long-time client who retired from the federal government. Prior to retiring, she had the foresight to purchase the long […]

Why You (and NBA Players) Need a Financial Plan

In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed an obscene amount of money being dealt to NBA free agents.  Dwyane Wade signed a 2-year contract with the Chicago […]

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

Are you worried that you’ll run out of money during your lifetime?  Are you uneasy about the flat stock market and low interest rates?  Would […]

Refinancing – Your Personal “Economic Stimulus” Package?


In our 40+ years as wealth advisors, we’ve heard the question many times.  Should I refinance?  The reasons vary, but it typically comes down to […]

Tools for the Financially Wise College-Bound Parent

Today paying for college has become perhaps one of the greatest financial concerns for millions of Americans.  This is completely understandable as college costs have […]

Financial Planning: 5 Advantages to Starting Early

When should you meet with a financial planner? The short answer, now.

When do most people meet with a financial planner? After a significant life event occurs. The event, such as […]