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Stock Market (2015): Another Black Monday?

The stock market hates uncertainty and it does not take much to get the roller coaster heading down hill. China’s impact on the global economy […]

Paladin’s Registry of Financial Advisors is a Free Service for Investors

The world’s first financial advisor directory was the Yellow Pages®. All you had to do was thumb through the pages until you found the listings […]

How Wall Street and Washington are Destroying America

It used to be America had a strong middle class that powered the biggest, most robust economy in the world. But, recent studies show we […]

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The Bitcoin Fantasy

The electronic currency, known as Bitcoin, is all the rage. It is an alternative to money that is tied to a political system. It is gaining acceptance by all types of buyers and sellers. It is also extremely volatile. The current balance of all Bitcoins is about $1 billion. This compares to the $1.2 trillion of U.S. dollars that are in circulation. This lack of liquidity produces some extraordinary price volatility: $230 in April of this year, less than $70 in July, and then it soared to $1,230 in the fourth quarter before dropping back to about $1,000. […]

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Weighing In: Pope Francis Gets it Right

I have often thought about the phrase the Pope used to describe disparity: “The powerful feed on the powerless”. My thoughts usually go down the path of the American public are sheep that are preyed on by wolves. The “powerless public” does not stand a chance against the “powerful business and political interests” who run this country. There are two ironies. Our money and votes make it all possible, but as the Pope said we are still the powerless majority. See William Cohan’s article ‘Pope Francis 1, Wall Street 0’.  […]

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Obama Serves Up Some Class Warfare

President Obama needs something new to talk about. His Obamacare initiative has been an extraordinary debacle and he is slipping in the polls. What’s his solution? Focus our attention on the increasing income disparity between the Top 1% and everyone else. Some class warfare is always worth a few points in the polls.

His solutions are nothing new. Increase benefits for the unemployed. Raise the minimum wage. I guess the national debt isn’t high enough and our robust economy can support higher minimum wages. Maybe he should focus on bringing higher paying jobs back from China. […]

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