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Ron Surz is the president of PPCA Inc and its wholly owned subsidiary Target Date Solutions. He is a pension consulting veteran, having started with A.G. Becker in the 1970's. Ron earned an MBA in Finance at the University of Chicago and an MS in Applied Mathematics at the University of Illinois, and holds a CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analyst) designation. He has published regularly in such publications as The Journal of Wealth Management, The Journal of Investing, Journal of Portfolio Management, Pensions & Investments, Senior Consultant, HorsesMouth and the IMCA Monitor, as well as contributed to and edited several books. Ron’s most recent co-authored book is the “Fiduciary Handbook for Understanding and Selecting Target Date Funds.”

The Dreaded Stock Market ‘September Effect’ is Upon Us

Many are familiar with the “January effect,” which is the tendency for the stock market to perform well in January. There’s a new “January effect.” […]

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Stocks Are the Only Investment Above Water in the First Half of 2015

Doing nothing is hard to do – you never know when you are finished. Leslie Nielsen


If you’ve been hanging in there with your stock investments, […]

Inflation is a Possible Consequence of QE – How High is Up?

The jury is out on the ultimate consequences of the financial crisis and Quantitative Easing (QE). Some see deflation, while others see inflation. Who is […]

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Dr. Downside Issues a Market Alert to Investors

Dr. Frank Sortino (AKA Dr. Downside) has just issued a warning to investors, his second warning in fifteen years. Many readers recognize the Sortino name […]

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Tools to Construct Global Equity Portfolios

It is a global market with many investors seeking global diversification. In the following I offer guidance on global equity market asset allocation. Asset allocation […]

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Grading Target Date Funds from a Fiduciary Perspective

I’m tired of seeing high risk get good grades.

Target date funds (TDFs) are the biggest deal in 401(k) land so there is great demand for […]

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